Critical Terms & Conditions Of Booking

The hostel is aimed at International travellers looking for a friendly destination and a high quality cultural experience. The hostel is run by Aberdeen Language Exchange

Group Bookings

The hostel is not suitable for stag, hen or party bookings.

We will not permit a group of more than four males or females unless you have contacted us in advance in relation to the nature of your group booking. We do not allow more than six males in the dorms without prior consultation. If you do make such a booking without prior consultation you will forfeit your money and you will be refused entry.

Payment ( Card only )

You must reserve your booking with a mastercard or visa debit card.

We do not accept cash as payment.

You can pay by debit card (no surcharge) or mastercard (£1.50 fee).


For cancellations you must notify us by email at least 48 hours before 3pm arrival on your scheduled arrival day.

Credit card guarantee and pre-authorisation against damage etc

On arrival you must have at least £100.00 in your account. We will pre-authorise this amount. If you book you agree for us to debit this amount from your account for any smoking or damage to the premises/rooms. And should any damage be above this amount you agree for the full amount to be deducted from your card.

Identification on arrival

On arrival you will need to provide valid over 18 identification from either: Driving licence, Passport or National identity card.

Dress & Personal Appearance

Any person whose dress or personal appearance might, in the opinion of the company, affect the enjoyment of other guests will not have their booking honoured.


If you agree with all the terms and conditions above please proceed to